Housekeeping in Ibiza

  • Villa Service 24 Ibiza
  • 20.04.2020

Cleaning explanation in general:
During cleaning, employees take care of all tasks needed in and around the home. Employees work as housewives and are responsible for the organization and management of the entire house / complex / facility.
Cleaning tasks are diverse. Working flexibly and guaranteeing smooth processes. Due to detailed instruction / training in the cleaning service, workers know exactly what is important when it comes to meeting quality guidelines and can take appropriate action if necessary.
This includes the management of cleaning staff, as well as the coordination and preparation of cleaning plans, as well as the corresponding controls in areas such as swimming pools …
If necessary, of course, staff must intervene and everything is done to ensure a correct and clean process.
To keep things running smoothly, housewives are also there to order and provide the materials to be used for staff deployment. The staff provides regular feedback on the utensils to be rearranged and ensures that the materials are handled correctly.

Although instructions as a housekeeper are clear, work can be done in different positions within the area of ​​responsibility.
In general, compliance with the particular owner or management requirements, is still required.

The main tasks in cleaning are summarized:
• House cleaning, apartment cleaning.
• Gardening and garden care.
• Cleaning and care of the posts.
• Guest service, check-in and check-out.
• Trips to the airport.
• Detail completion.
• Home inspection visits.

The objective of the cleaning service is to maintain or even improve quality standards, keep inventory, and the close cooperation of staff and, of course, the positive mood within the department.
The Ibiza special application area:
Work where others go on vacation and, among other things, many people want to take care of the homes or facilities of residents.
And perhaps with this wide range of tasks you have realized that you would also like to use the cleaning service while on vacation as well.
Or maybe through this job description you have also becomed interested in this activity and would like to work in this area in Ibiza, among others. Work in the cities: San Antonio or Santa Eulalia.
Ibiza is a Spanish island with more than 300 sunny days a year and lives mainly on tourism. Ibiza has approximately 112,000 inhabitants.
The area of ​​application in the cleaning service as described above is very diverse and it is a job with a lot of responsibility.

The best option is to use our cleaning service.

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