The landscape and the climate in Ibiza

  • Villa Service 24 Ibiza
  • 20.04.2020

Ibiza is a Spanish island and part of the Andalusian rocky mountains.
This stretches across the entire island. The sea separates the island from the Spanish mainland, 100 kilometers away. Together with Formentera and many other smaller islands, Ibiza belongs to the Pityuses, an archipelago of the Balearic Islands. The name Pityusen comes from the Greek “Nissoi pityussai”, which means pine-covered islands.
Ibiza has a pretty hilly and wild landscape, often steep coasts. The highest mountain on the island is Sa Talaia at 476 meters above sea level. Ibiza has the most balanced climate of its archipelago, the “Balearic Islands”, it has a hot and dry summer. In the warmest season, the temperatures average 26° C and in the milder and sometimes rainy winter months, a pleasant 12° C is still reached.

From the cities or lower-lying places in Ibiza, the mountains and elevations appear red and dark green due to the dense vegetation, so you can see the mixture of red/orange earth and the pine forests. On the horizon, the deep blue sky merges with the sea. The seaside resorts with beautiful sand and clear water, as well as Ibiza Town, are located on the steep slopes of the coast. In the interior of the country area, there are forested hills, vineyards and almond trees.

Ibiza is green all year round, despite the heat. This green nature consists of the famous pine forests as well as almond, olive and fig trees.
In April and May, the coldest time in Ibiza, the landscape is mainly covered by the red poppies and their yellow flower fields. Magnificent orange and lemon trees offer a sea of ​​colors in the country with their fruits. Species of palm trees, as well as cacti and agaves, create the tropical ambience.

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